Not Just a Tool, it’s a Relationship

From planning to implementation, support and training, we are your partner.

If you are a human rights organisation, please contact HURIDOCS through the contact form on this website. For commercial inquiry please contact Ketse at .

Option 1: Do it yourself

Casebox has a built-in interface for adding forms, fields and taxonomies, so to a great extent you should be able to customise it yourself, adding the folder, fields and forms that you need for your work, and importing documents with drag-and-drop. We’ll make this process easier over the coming months as we improve the customization interface and expand the user documentation.

Option 2: Get our support

If you need our assistance, we can provide you with following services to get you up and running with Casebox:

  • Planning the rollout of your information system.
  • Setting up the folders, forms, fields, taxonomies and permissions that you need.
  • Custom logic to support your organisational workflows. Normalising your existing data and migrating it to Casebox. Security measures to use Casebox safely.
  • Hosting your application on our servers in Switzerland, or hosting it yourself.
  • Special-request security measures, such as a VPN Whether you need an onsite support mission or whether support at a distance is sufficient
  • Post-deployment support.

If you are interested, to set up an initial consultation. This consultation is always free and will cover the questions below:

  • What is the mission of your organisation, what are its activities?
  • What information do you handle as part of these activities?
  • What information problems do you need to solve? What do you expect to get out of Casebox?
  • What forms, fields and terms do you use to organise your data?
  • How do you need to sort and filter your data? What analysis and reporting do you need?
  • What internal rules and processes do you have? For example rules for accepting or closing a case; rules for approving an expense, processes for reviewing and approving a press release.
  • Do you work with documents? What documents do you produce or use? How many GB of documents do you have? Do you use a file naming scheme?
  • What languages do you work in?
  • Who currently manages case-related data in your organisation?
  • Who will be using Casebox?
  • What information system you are using now?
  • Do you need assistance to migrate existing data or will you do this by hand?
  • What is the level of sensitivity of your data and what risks and threats do you face?
  • Will you host the database yourself or do you need hosting?
  • Do you need to auto-publish part of your data to an advocacy website?
  • Do you need additional tools to collect and transmit data from field monitors or network partners?

Based on this discussion, we should be able to let you know:

  • If we think Casebox is the right tool for you, and it not, what other options we recommend.
  • The steps to implement Casebox in your organisation.
  • The list of the services that HURIDOCS could provide.
  • An first estimation of our costs for these services