Casebox Platform

Build Case Management Systems using file, content and task management components.

Casebox is a platform that allows you to define complex content types linked to your organisations workflow. Together with powerful fulltext search and filtering capabilities, file and task management features, it offers the building blocks for a customised case management solution.

Built-in customisation interfaces for content types, fields and taxonomies will enable you to develop polished custom solutions.

The Casebox Difference

  • Modern Architecture

    Modern Architecture

    Integration of Solr provides full-text search scalability to millions of documents or records, and powers both smart folders & filtering according to metadata attributes.

    • Interface built on ExtJS ensures a responsive app, Ajax features such as drag-and-drop, and cross-browser compatibility.
    • Flexible: In Casebox, everything is a node. A content type is a node, a taxonomy is a node, a document is a node, a template a node. This provides maximum flexibility, as it allows you to add attributes to a taxonomy for example, and expand it into a full taxonomy.
  • Fully Multilingual

    Fully Multilingual

    • Casebox is fully internationalised. Translations are easy to add and users can switch between multiple languages in the same session.
    • Full right-to-left makes it perfect for clients working in Arabic and other right-to-left languages.
  • 100% Open Source

    100% Open Source

    Casebox is published on GitHub under an AGPL license, and is built on other open source technologies such as ExtJS, PHP, MySQL.

  • Supported


    • HURIDOCS has developed and supported software for over 25 years and we stand behind our tools.