User Friendliness

Work online with the comfort of your desktop. Familiar folders, drag & drop. Open as many files as you want and edit them with the programs you love.

Casebox interface is available in multiple languages out of the box, including Arabic, English, French, Russian. Users can switch between multiple languages in the same session. We can also provide the interface in Bengali, Burmese, Cambodian, Korean, Malayalam, Nepalese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesian, and Mandarin (Chinese).

  • Graphs and Charts

    Graphs and Charts

    Take your cases and records and create lists, graphs, charts and maps. Autopublish content and statistics to web modules and tell your story on your website - live.

  • Drag and Drop

    Drag and drop

    Drag files from your computer and drop them into any folder in Casebox. Drag and drop from one folder to another just as in the Windows file manager.

  • Familiar folders

    Familiar folders

    Organise your cases, projects, files, contacts and more in an intuitive folder tree that’s just like your Windows or Mac file manager. But online.

  • Powerful Search with Filtering

    Powerful Search with Filtering

    Quickly filter through thousands of records to find what you need. Everything at your fingertips. We call it: Automagical.

  • Smart Folders

    Smart Folders

    Smart folders automatically organise your data in the way that’s most convenient for you. For example: by year, by case status, by office, by priority, etc.

Casebox is an amazing document management system. Edit in Word, instant preview, unlimited version control, metadata fields... everything you need to work easily with your documents.

Document Management
  • Document Preview

    Document Preview

    Open a tab and instantly read a document online (Word, PDF, JPG) without having to download it or open it with another application.

  • Edit in Word

    Edit in Word

    Open a document directly in Microsoft Office or Libre Office, and save it back to Casebox as a new version. No need to download and re-upload.

  • Full-text search

    Full-text search

    Full text search of records and documents, including Word, PDF, PPT attachments. Filtering of results by any taxonomy field that is enabled (by office, by department, etc).

  • Multiple tabs

    Multiple tabs

    Work more efficiently by opening several views, documents or records simultaneously, each in their own tab, just like in your browser.

  • Undelete


    Did you delete a file, a folder, a record, a task by mistake? No problem, deleted items are placed in the recycle bin and can be restored at any time.

  • Version Control

    Version Control

    Upload a new version of any document. Previous versions are saved and can be opened and restored at any time.


Add your own forms to Casebox. The powerful smartfolders and filtering make it effortless to find and update the records you need. And its blazing fast too: no click-and-wait like other apps.

  • Create your own forms

    Create your own forms

    Build any kind of form – add all your existing forms to Casebox. Use forms to capture and manage information about cases, persons, services, grants, contacts, staff, projects, donors. Form builder included!

  • Forms with conditional logic

    Forms with conditional logic

    Build forms with conditional logic, meaning to display certain fields if a value is chosen in a preceding field.

  • Repeatable fields

    Repeatable fields

    Build forms with repeatable field sets, for example to add several addresses to a person or several contacts for a case.

Easily track all discussions and tasks related to a case or document, and always find them neatly organised for you. No longer waste time hunting through a sea of email.

  • Calendars


    Easily view all records with dates on a Calendar: next case review, task due dates. Never miss another deadline!

  • Comments


    Comment every case, record, document or task. No more messy discussions by email.

  • Tasks


    Assign a task to one or many users, track deadlines. Link tasks to cases, documents or any other record in the system.

  • Version Control

    Version Control

    Upload a new version of any document. Previous versions are saved and can be opened and restored at any time.


With regularly audited source code, two-factor authentication, and open source transparency, Casebox is an excellent choice if you are concerned about the privacy of your data.

  • No Sync

    No Sync

    Syncing files across multiple devices is both messy and insecure. With Casebox all your files are locked in one location under your control: your server. And we made sure you don't need to sync, because our application is as comfortable to work with as your desktop.

  • Permissions


    Control who can view or edit any files or folder in Casebox. Apply your access rules to groups or individual users. Share specific cases or documents with external legal counsels or project consultants.

  • Secure Login

    Secure Login

    Protect your login using two-factor authentication. We offer both Google Authenticator and Yubikeys.

  • Secure Hosting

    Secure Hosting

    We can provide secure hosting on encrypted server with SSL encryption of communications. A Virtual Private Network can protect the privacy of your communications even further.